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ESR750 Sport

1013.56 Sprocket; 56 tooth
1022 Slide tube assy; black
1026 Nut; gas tank mount, M6 nylon
1027BK Fork; Single w/axle
1028B Head set; bearing (single)
1028N Head set; Fork nut
1036 Washer; universal, 3/8 x 11/16
1037 Nut; axle, 6"SRT, 3/8-24 nylon
1038A Bearing; wheel, 6"SRT, 3/8"ID.
1041G [n] Glue, (T-Bar)
1042 Upper Hinge FTG.
1042UA T-Bar welded; 28.75" (Sp,Liq,G
1043UA Lower hinge; unanodized, Alum.
1044 Bolt; lower hinge FTG. 5/16-24
1045 Wedge lug; lower hinge FTG.
1048L Brake Lever (L) side
1049 Grip set (New style)
1053 Plastic cable tie (8")
1053S Plastic cable tie (4")
1058O Tire; 6"SRT, Go-active rubber
1061 Sticker; Reflective T-Bar pad
1063 Sticker; Yellow warning label
1065 Sticker; www.go-ped.com
1068 Sticker; Made in U.S.A.
1072A E-clip; kickstand, 5/16"
1076 Washer; 1/4" SAE flat, zinc
1081 Brake cable; 38"H / 48"C
1158H Wheel; 6"SRT, Mach 12
1401 Bolt; Engine mnt, M6 x 35
1408 Screw; Go-Active Sprocket Mnt.
1411 Carry loop (GSRS) "short"
1458H Wheel; 6"SRT, Mach 12 w/stando
2001 Grip tape; Go-Ped logo set
6002 A/C plug; power cord; 72" (ESR
6003 Rubber plug; Data (ESR)
6005 Battery; HR6-12 T2 (ESR)
6006 Screw; sprocket fastener (ESR)
6009.15 Sprocket; 15 tooth #25 (ESR)
6010 Sticker; Go-ped decal (metalic
6011 Sticker; ESR750 (frame)
6012 Sticker; Chrome decal (ESR750)
6013 Screw; 10-32x5/16; charger (ES
6016 Screw; fender mnt 10-32x1/2 (E
6022 Heat shrink tubing, 1/2"
6023 Bolt; 1/2-20 x 4.5" HHCS, axle
6024 Bolt; M4 x 35 SHCS
6025 Chain tensioner guide (ESR Spo
6026 Chain guard (ESR Sport)
6027 Fender; Rear, ESR Sport
6028BK Battery pan; Black (ESRS)
6031 Sticker; E-Sport decal
6108A A/C inlet; NEW (ESR)
6110B Throttle lever; 2 button (ESR)
6113A Controller board Comp. (ESR)
6114 Bolt; deck mnt, 1/4-20 x1-3/4"
6115 Screw; controller mnt, 6 x 5/8
6118A Charger board; (ESR750)
6119C Tape; 1/4"x 1/2" foam rubber
6120C Foam; 1/8"x 54" Wide (ESR)
6121 Tape; 1/32"x 2"W; UHMW (ESR)
111130009 Battery interconnect tab (ESR'
6129 Sticker; HOT (ESR)
6131 Seal; batt. pan mnt. (ESR)
6136 Rivet; 1/8"dia. alum. (ESR)
6148 Wire; DC interconnect (ESR)
6160 Sticker; warning label (ESR)
6800 Motor; ESR750 Electric
7008 Nut; 1/2-20 nylon lock (lopro)
7009 Washer; axle, 1/2" AN FLT ZY
7059 Spacer; wheel bearing [6"SRT]
8634 Kickstand; Med., 2-1/2", plate
9014 Warranty Registration form (Al
9015 Before operating... form (All
9016 Insurance Policies form (All m
9017 Scooting Safety Brochure (All
9018 Poly Zip Lock Bag (All motoriz
9031 User Manuel (ESR)
E1006D Deck; no grit (ESR)
ESRS1001B Frame assy; Black (ESR Sport)
GSR1003.4 Chain; #25 hard, 84 link (ESRS
GSR1055 Sticker; Go-ped Die-cut decal
GSR9008 Box; master shipper (GSR's)
KN1009 Nut; deck/fender mount, 1/4-20
9000.700 Motor Brush Set
Q1038A Bearing; wheel, 6"SRT, 1/2"ID.
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