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Due to demand, please allow more lead time on your orders. Lead times are based on normal business work days.
ESR Li-Ion Upgrade

Become a true "green" commuter with one of the most efficient means of door-to-door inner city commuting.
Now directly from The Go-Ped Group of Companies you can have your ESR750 or Hoverboard upgraded by the GoPed factory to the latest Li-Ion battery technology.

Starting $1257.99
Lead Time 7-14 Days
Carry Bag
Canvas bag, excellent for transport or storage of your Go-Ped Scooter
Click buy to see price
Lead Time 1-3 days
ESR Battery Upgrade Kit
Everything you need to upgrade your ESR750 to an ESR750EX.
Lead Time 5-7 days
C.I.D.L.I. Front Fork Kit
Patented retrofitable C.I.D.L.I Front Fork Suspension Kit for all large tire Go-Peds. Now you can have that same plush ride with 2.7" travel, and anti dive "Mad Dog" capable braking on any previously purchased large tire Go-Ped Brand Scooter
Lead Time 1-3 days
Seat and Basket Kit
Seat option for ESR, GSR, GTR and Pro-Ped Cruiser scooters. All seat kits include seat, seat post, basket and all mounting hardware.
Starting at $95.98
Lead Time 7 days
ESR Auto Chain Adjuster
Auto chain adjuster for ESR750 and ESR750EX Electric Scooters
Lead Time 1-3 days
ESR Rear Brake Kit
Rear brake kit for ESR750 and ESR750EX Electric Scooters
Lead Time 1-3 days

GSR Rear Brake Kit
Optional rear brake for GSR models (except GSR Sport)
Lead Time 1-3 days
Sound / Spark Supressor
Reduce the noise level and surpress sparks on your gas powered Go-Ped with this kit.
Lead Time 1-3 days


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