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Due to demand, please allow more lead time on your orders. Lead times are based on normal business work days.
Super Go-Quad 30
The Go-Quad 30 features a similar design as the standard Go-Quad 25, but comes loaded with aggressive performance enhancements features. Its 2.5 HP racing engine gives the Quad that extra kick to bring you ahead of competition. Getting that power to the wheels with ease through the ground-breaking GSR chain drive clutch system keeps you focused on the apex and speeding through the straights.
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Lead Time 3-4 Weeks

Super Go-Quad 46
The Super Go-Quad 46 becomes the latest top of the line Go-Quad model and will allow users and go-karts racers to take their karting passion to professional height!Engineered using the winning Super Go-Quad 30 design, the Super Go-Quad 46 is equipped with the thrilling GP460RS engine and drive train.
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Lead Time 3-4 Weeks

Trail Ripper Quad (TRQ)
The TRQ46 is the latest innovation from the PMW Skunk Werks who extended the application of the patented CIDLI suspension system found on the GTR46R to the 4 wheel Go-Quad line. The Trail Ripper Quad has an amazing 10" of suspension travel at all 4 of its knobby tires. By combining the popular Go-Quad 2 wheel drive / braking system, the TRQ46 is a never before seen product designed to provide the highest off-road fun, thrills and safety bang for the buck.
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Lead Time 4 Weeks
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