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Due to demand, please allow more lead time on your orders. Lead times are based on normal business work days.
The original California Go-Ped®. The Sport model was designed to create a simple, portable and fuel-efficient form of personal transportation. This all American Classic is now in it's second decade of production. It's versatility appeals to commuters and fun lovers of all ages.
Lead Time - 14-21 days
GSR Sport
Designed by combining the powerful GSR40 style chain drive system and the versatility of the Original Best Selling Sport Go-Ped®, the new GSR Sport encompasses the best features of both these high quality models.
Lead Time - 14-21 days
GSR Cruiser
The GSR Cruiser is the perfect machine for dealers to carry as it is not only ideal for the customer wanting a quiet, reliable and economical motorized scooter with good performance, but also for beginners wanting an affordable, safe and easy to learn first scooter.
Lead Time - 14-21 days


Inspired and bred from the ultra popular and best-selling Go-Ped® Trail Ripper GTR46R, the new Go-Ped® Riot 46™ fulfills demand from pit bike riders for a premium quality, super compact and lightweight, yet low cost off-road bike.

Lead Time - 14-21 days


The Super GSR46R by Patmont Motor Werks is the newest addition to the Go-Ped Line and is poised to set a new benchmark of power and speed in the motorized stand-up scooter market and racing world. The Super GSR46R is the fruit of PMW’s excellent experience in building scooting machines that are built for the race track. It boasts never before seen power and stunning speed.

Lead Time - 14-21 days

Following the very successful introduction and incredible growth of the CIDLI suspension equipped Go-Peds (Go-Ped Trail Ripper, Riot and Trail Ripper Quad), PMW is proud to continue extending this great line by reintroducing the legendary Go-Ped "Interceptor" as the new GTR46i.
Lead Time - 14-21 days

The Go-Ped® Trail Ripper 46 now breaks this paradigm and follows traditional dirt bike suspension travel specifications of “half the wheel diameter”. The front and rear tires are 4 X 11 inch knobbies , and the C.I.D.L.I. suspension travel approaches an unprecedented 6 inches on each end.
Lead Time - 14-21 days

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