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 8" Pneumatic
I-Ped2 5Ah
I-Ped2 8Ah
I-Ped2 16Ah









Meet the improved and much more versatile I-Ped2

Recognizing the ever growing need of commuters who wish to enhance public transportation with a more practical, light weight and compact folding electric scooter, Go-Ped Group of Companies has redesigned and improved the I-Ped for this specific market segment.

Drawing on Go-Ped Group of Companies 26 years of portable transportation device experience, the redesign is based on a new American made wheel with 8" pneumatic 4 ply tires having a tread design to improve traction on wet surfaces. This greatly cushions ride comfort over the original I-Ped as well.

The I-Ped2 now also has ESR front wheel stopping power with the well proven ESR stainless steel wave rotor and "Mad Dog" brake caliper combination. To add safety and also comply with various dual brake regulations found in certain state and international certification requirements The I-Ped2 utilizes it's rear fender as a very simple yet effective foot operated rear brake.

To greatly increase the I-Ped2's versatility, it can be ordered and purchased in 4 separate battery pack configurations to suit the user's particular needs and price considerations.

The following model list points out the strengths of each model;

5 Amp Hour
3 mi Turbo / 5 mi Econo
37 lbs
8 Amp Hour
7 mi Turbo / 10 mi Econo
28 lbs
16 Amp Hour
13 mi Turbo / 20 mi Econo
31 lbs

The various I-Ped2 models all come in the popular gloss black powder coating, have similar 18 MPH performance, have the same well proven ESR programmable electronics and on-board charger (LIPO models also come with the faster off board charger), Come with the same strong Go-Ped Group of Companies warranty, and can be upgraded to the other available battery packs if so desired.

The 2012 I-Ped2 folds quickly, uses the rear fender to secure the more convenient folding loop, is easy to carry, fits nicely in it's optional carry bag, and is the ultimate portable transportation device ever to be stowed under a shopping cart and train, bus, or ferry seat.

Made in the USA.

Chain Drive Operation – Power from the DC electric motor is transferred to the rear wheel through an extremely efficient and easy to maintain chain drive system.  

Electric Motor - After over a year of research for the most powerful and reliable engine, the I-Ped® provides for unmatched power and offers no compromises on performance. It is equipped with a robust and well proven DC brush type motor with “Electro Head” finned heat sink that is capable of producing over 1HP in continuous operation. The high output makes it the most unique scooter able to tackle steep hills with ease.

* Speed and range claims are made with the following assumptions: 160 lb rider, smooth riding surface, flat ground, no wind, proper tire inflation and chain adjustment

Electronic Controller – We would have to kill you if we told you too much, but what we can reveal is that the I-Ped® electronic power controller is a sophisticated and proprietary pulse width modulated design. The ESR750 line of Go-Ped Scooters are the only electric scooters of their kind equipped with an advanced computerized variable speed and programmable controller. With a wide variety of EPROM (Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory) programmable functions, it gives users the freedom to not only do on board diagnostics but also customize performance.

Dual Performance Modes - The operator can chose the "Econo" or "Turbo" performance mode on the throttle control to either go "twice as far, half as fast", or "twice as fast, half as far", providing users with absolute control over their choice of speed and range.

2 Separate Chargers – The I-Ped 16 comes with two separate chargers. An on-board charger so you can charge up your I-Ped anywhere you take by plugging into any 110v or 220v household power outlet world wide and a separate off-board charger that’s capable of reconditioning the batters for improved battery life expectancy





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